Practical Wing Chun

  • Silat x Wing Chun 2017 – Melbourne/Australia Tour Seminars

    Silat x Wing Chun 2017 – Brisbane/Australia Tour Seminars

    Inspired by the success of his Practical Wing Chun and Systema joint-seminar at Brisbane’s Griffith University last year.
    Sifu Jack Leung is back with Guro Evan Tai from SCTM Silat to co-host 2 seminars in Brisbane and Melbourne. First in Australia!


    1st Stop – Wing Chun x Silat Brisbane 3-4th of June 2017
    2nd Stop – Silat x Wing Chun Melbourne 10-11th June 2017


  • Early Bird Ticket – before 15th of April 2017 $100/1Day or $180/2Days
  • Early Owl Ticket – before 15th May 2017 $130/1Day or $210/2Days
  • Night Owl Ticket – before 31st May 2017/ $150/1Day or $250/2Days
  • June $180/1Day or $275/2days

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    Payments can be made by direct deposit or credit card payment form.
    For more info please email:

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