Practical Wing Chun

  • Sifu Martin & Sifu Alan Croatia Springcamp

    This is the spring camp in Croatia Pakostane.

    Following the succesfull event from last year. Sifu Martin and Sifu Alan are back for the part 2. The prices will be added at a later date. Make sure you get your tickets as early as possible.

  • Practical Wing Chun European Summercamp 2017

    Practical Wing Chun European Summercamp 2017

    This years event will be attended by Sifu Benno Wai, Sifu Martin Brogaard, Sifu Jon Abdey and as a special guest Instructor the Head of PWC Shanghai, Sifu Kleber Battaglia!

    We will start this year with the European Summercamp 2017 Practical Wing Chun on Wednesday 26th of July we finish on Sunday the 30th.

    De dagen zullen gevuld gaan worden met niet alleen Practical Wing Chun maar ook met Functional Strength & Conditioning. Ook zullen er trainingen gegeven worden op het gebied van wapen training (UCT’ s ACE training) en op het gebied van ‘Ground-engagement’

    Zodar er meer bekend is over het te volgen trainings schema zal dat op de site worden aangegeven!

    Investering voor deze 5-daagse training:

    Additional Info

    All 5 days 459,00 euro
    If you are a PWC or UCT Member all 5 days will be 299,00 euro!

    One day training will be 99 euro
    If you are a PWC or UCT Member one day only 75,00 euro!

    Half day only for PWC or UCT Members 40,00 euro (so not possible for non-members)

  • Silat x Wing Chun 2017 – Melbourne/Australia Tour Seminars

    Silat x Wing Chun 2017 – Brisbane/Australia Tour Seminars

    Inspired by the success of his Practical Wing Chun and Systema joint-seminar at Brisbane’s Griffith University last year.
    Sifu Jack Leung is back with Guro Evan Tai from SCTM Silat to co-host 2 seminars in Brisbane and Melbourne. First in Australia!


    1st Stop – Wing Chun x Silat Brisbane 3-4th of June 2017
    2nd Stop – Silat x Wing Chun Melbourne 10-11th June 2017


  • Early Bird Ticket – before 15th of April 2017 $100/1Day or $180/2Days
  • Early Owl Ticket – before 15th May 2017 $130/1Day or $210/2Days
  • Night Owl Ticket – before 31st May 2017/ $150/1Day or $250/2Days
  • June $180/1Day or $275/2days

  • Contact

    Payments can be made by direct deposit or credit card payment form.
    For more info please email:

  • Sifu Kleber Battaglia – Wing Chun Italian Style

    Sifu Kleber Battaglia from Practical Wing Chun talks about teaching Kung Fu and the influences of Bruce Lee. read more

  • Interview with Sifu Wan Kam Leung – San Diego 2016 – Part 2 of 2

    Sifu Jack Leung from Practical Wing Chun Australia interviewed Sifu Wan Kam Leung on his America trip in 2016. read more

  • Practical Wing Chun – Paris 2015 Seminar

    Practical Wing Chun Seminar

    In France June 28th, with Sifu Martin Brogaard. View additional details at the at the official website.