Wing Chun Events

  • Ving Tsun II: Kung Fu a Como

    Yip Man lineage – Wong Shun Leung – Philipp Bayer

    Passion for martial arts? Then you can not miss the second event of the year sports 2016/17 dedicated to the presentation of the Ving Tsun course in Como. WSLVT

    Lineage Yip Man – Wong Shun Leung – Philipp Bayer
    Passione per le arti marziali? Allora non puoi perdere il secondo evento dell’anno sportivo 2016/17 dedicato alla presentazione del corso di Ving Tsun a Como.

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  • Warrior Chi Sau Exchange

    Friendly Open Lineage Chi Sau Exchange

    Contact the event website below for more details.

  • Practical Wing Chun Miami Seminar 2016

    Join us for Practical Wing Chun Miami 2016 Seminar.

    Hosted by Jaf Wing Chun Martial Art Academy. With special guest, Sifu Jack Leung; Practical Wing Chun Australia Regional Director and Wan Kam Leung indoor student.

    Seminar Curriculum

    Sil Lim Tao
    Trapping Technique
    Chi Sau / Sticky Hand
    San Sau / Freestyle

    Chum Kiu
    Kicking Technique
    Locks Applications
    Multiple Opponents
    Weapon Defense

    Early Registration
    September 1st: $100.00
    After September 1st: $150.00