Wing Chun Workshops

  • Sifu John Smith – WSLVT Seminar

    Sifu John Smith Seminar – WSLVT

    We are delighted to announce that the date has been set for the Sifu John Smith seminar.

    The seminar will be held on Saturday 06th May & Sunday 07th May 2017.
    Venue: Gym SPORT-VILLAGE, Via Emilio Zago, 1 – ROMA. Start times will be 10.00am to 5.00pm


    Full weekend : 140€
    Single day : 80€

    Please feel free to contact us asap and reserve your place(s).


    This represents a great opportunity for training with other WSLVT quality practitioners. During the weekend Sifu John Smith will be looking at the concepts and drills of the WSLVT system in great detail.
    Sifu John Smith teaches the Wong Shun Leung method of Ving Tsun Kung Fu and commenced training with Wong Shun Leung in 1991, and continued to do so until Wong Sifu’s untimely death. Sifu John continues to pass on what was taught to him by Wong Shun Leung in an un-diluted manner. He founded the Illawarra Ving Tsun School in 1992 and teaches a loyal following of students with in the Wollongong and Kiama areas of New South Wales, Australia. John has given countless seminars and workshops in not only Australia, but also on numerous occasions in Asia and Europe to appreciative audiences, for those that are prepared to listen to his understanding of Wong Shun Leung’s teachings.

    Please note that it will absolutely forbidden to use Camcorders / Cameras / Smartphone during the seminar. For anyone who carries shooting, regardless of the distance they have traveled to attend, will be asked to leave the seminar with immediate effect. There will of course be the opportunity to take pictures at the end of each day.


    Phone: Archimede Tentindo (OMEGA – WSLVT) +39 3385682802



  • Legend of the 8 Immortals – A Kung Fu Charity Event

    a Kung Fu charity benefit

    Squaring off on top of the 8 immortals table, this “King of the Board” event brings together participants young and old for a Kung Fu charity benefit on International Wing Chun Day.

    Separate matches will be held for both kids and adults. Entry fee is $25 (100% of profits raised will go to benefit the Wing Chun Against Bullying).


    Sign-Up sheets will be posted at both the Dana Point and Irvine school. Click here to visit the Dragon Institute website for more info.

  • WCU – Chinese New Year Special Workshop

    Join us for a 3 hour Wing Chun workshop in beautiful Hollywood Road Park in Hong Kong.

    This workshop will cover the basics of Wing Chun including structure and functions of the body through various actions (blocks and attacks). You will learn and better understand the biomechanics of combative movements (offense and defense). You will observe a basic approach to combat theory, self defense, and awareness of your own body. Hosted by Wing Chun United, sponsored by Urban Active.

    Topics to be covered through in depth discussion and drills:

  • structure
  • punching
  • stance
  • kicks
  • footwork
  • attacks (blocks & shapes)
  • positioning (offense/defense)
  • Registration:

    Limited spots available, so please arrive at 10:15 for registration!
    Fee: HKD 80 (Member), HKD 160 (non-member)


    Max: +852 9311 3915

  • Alan Gibson Wing Chun Workshop

    Alan Gibson Wing Chun Workshop

    Open to all styles or lineage. Hosted by Malvern Martial Arts Centre


    Booking: Kevin @ 01886830175 / 07725161178
    Cost: £35 per person (£25 members) : paypal payments to

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