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  • Wing Chun x Silat 2017 – Brisbane/Australia Tour Seminars

    Wing Chun x Silat 2017 – Brisbane/Australia Tour Seminars

    Inspired by the success of his Practical Wing Chun and Systema joint-seminar at Brisbane’s Griffith University last year.
    Sifu Jack Leung is back with Guro Evan Tai from SCTM Silat to co-host 2 seminars in Brisbane and Melbourne. First in Australia!


    1st Stop – Wing Chun x Silat Brisbane 3-4th of June 2017
    2nd Stop – Silat x Wing Chun Melbourne 10-11th June 2017


  • Early Bird Ticket – before 15th of April 2017 $100/1Day or $180/2Days
  • Early Owl Ticket – before 15th May 2017 $130/1Day or $210/2Days
  • Night Owl Ticket – before 31st May 2017/ $150/1Day or $250/2Days
  • June $180/1Day or $275/2days

  • Contact

    Payments can be made by direct deposit or credit card payment form.
    For more info please email:

  • WCU – Chinese New Year Special Workshop

    Join us for a 3 hour Wing Chun workshop in beautiful Hollywood Road Park in Hong Kong.

    This workshop will cover the basics of Wing Chun including structure and functions of the body through various actions (blocks and attacks). You will learn and better understand the biomechanics of combative movements (offense and defense). You will observe a basic approach to combat theory, self defense, and awareness of your own body. Hosted by Wing Chun United, sponsored by Urban Active.

    Topics to be covered through in depth discussion and drills:

  • structure
  • punching
  • stance
  • kicks
  • footwork
  • attacks (blocks & shapes)
  • positioning (offense/defense)
  • Registration:

    Limited spots available, so please arrive at 10:15 for registration!
    Fee: HKD 80 (Member), HKD 160 (non-member)


    Max: +852 9311 3915

  • Wing Chun Crossing Hands 詠春過手: Back to Basic

    Gary Lam Wing Chun Taipei. Quality video featuring Crossing Hands and an introduction to the 5 Elements. read more

  • Wing Chun – A short film by Edward Lee

    We enjoyed this very well edited short film featuring Edward Lee.
    Comment, like and share! read more

  • Dragon Family Wing Chun Association Meeting

    Discussing the agenda of the Dragon Family

    Want to pitch an idea? Join us! All students and friends are welcome.

    When clicking the “Going” button on our Facebook event page, please be sure to show up. If you are unsure if you can make it, use the “Interested” button. Thank you!

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