S3VT // Interactive Livestream Classes

S3VT // Interactive Livestream Classes
Every Saturday at 12pm.et/5pm.gmt

The edited version of the class with captions and other features will be uploaded for you with a private link that will be shared to subscribers.

A specially tailored curriculum and training regimen designed to engage all practitioners of any discipline and lineage. Exploring the system from concept to construct getting you on your feet with drilling and exercises to put them, and you, to work.

Class elements //
-Livestreamed on a Private Stream Link at https://www.youtube.com/c/S3VTWSLVTToronto
– Multiple camera angles
– On-screen participant interaction for review and refinement
– designated Q&A segment
– Classes will be recorded, edited, and uploaded with added on screen captions and elements to access for review at one’s repeated convenience or if you happen to miss a class
– Follow-up engagements in the comments sections of the uploads to keep the conversation and training going.

The Livestream Class Curriculum is based on the S3VT // WSLVT System Syllabus designed to explore the fundamental and finer points of the system evolving them to Simple, Direct, Efficient, and Practical skills.
Each class will be focused on a specific subject with attention to working the System, the Science, and developing the relative Skills.

There is plenty to work on individually and is equally important to train one’s skills sets independently as it is with a training partner.

There will also be designated classes with in-house partner drills demonstrated, explored, and explained.
Feed your mind. Fuel your fist.

Subscription Info //
– $15USD per class.
– $50USD per month.
– Access to private, secure uploads of the recorded classes with added content.
– PayPal : torontowslassociation@gmail.com
– Payments must be submitted by 10am.et/3pm.gmt
– The Private Livestream Link will be shared to subscribers ahead of the classes
– Private Link uploads of classes shared

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