Contributing Writer Submissions

Wing Chun United is a community-powered digital and print journal aiming for high quality journalism, readability, and design. We strive to publish original features of historical, theoretical, and technical interest to the Wing Chun community. We reserve the right to edit submitted material for length and clarity. Publication decisions will be reported within two weeks.

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  • Scholarly articles based on original substantive research on any aspect of Wing Chun, culture, traditions or styles.
  • Informal wide-ranging interviews with recognized Wing Chun proponents.
  • Technical outlines, how-to or steps.
  • Training tips and suggestions.
  • Suggestions for reviews of books and multimedia.

Article Length Suggestions

  • Full article: 1,000 – 3,000 words
  • Letters to the Editor: 200 – 700 words
  • Technical: 600 – 1,500 words
  • Journal/Research Papers: 5,000 maximum words

Photos: High-resolution original photos. You must have all rights to the photos; ownership will be published in the WCU Journal. We will not accept photos pulled from the Internet.

Credits & Copyright: All Contributing Writers will receive credit for entries, along with a website link and email address. Wing Chun United owns copyright to all published material.

Audience: WCU is intended for an international audience. Articles must be written clearly for both avid Wing Chun practitioners and enthusiasts alike.

Submissions: Electronic only. Text files can be emailed as an attachment. Send illustrations or photos as separate attachments. Writings must be original, and accurate. Bibliographies are acceptable when applicable.

Bios: Include your background and credentials (photo of yourself optional). Provide at least one website link or email address for proper credit.

Summary: Include a summary of 75-100 words that gives an overview of the purpose of your writing. Topic or Article titles accepted when applicable.

Translation: Provide Pinyin and Chinese characters where possible for proper names, terms, and locations.


For questions about becoming a contributing writer, email us:
Send us an email with your Article, Letter to the Editor, Technical or Research Paper. We will contact you within two weeks of your entry with a publication decision. Live dates for all articles are subject to approval. *All article lengths considered, regardless of word-count.

For ad inquiries, send an email to or visit our Contact section and send us a quick message.