Wing Chun Workshop with Dwight Hennings

Cumberland Park Recreational Building 10580 Cumberland RoadFishers,

This hands-on, information-intensive workshop will emphasize the core concepts of economy and structure that guide Wing Chun training.


Sifu Gary Lam – Germany 2018

Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt,

Sifu Gary Lam is visiting Frankfurt and Johannisberg in September 2018 for multiple training workshops.

Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Workshop with Sifu Dwight Hennings

Urban Ninja Athletics 830 S Ronald Reagan Blvd Suite 172, Longwood, FL

Sifu Dwight Hennings, Head Coach at S3VT,
based in Toronto, Canada will be back by popular demand to conduct his third WSLVT Workshops in Central Florida


S3VT // Interactive Livestream Classes

A specially tailored curriculum and training regimen designed to engage all practitioners of any discipline and lineage. Every Saturday at