Silat x Wing Chun 2017 – Melbourne/Australia Tour Seminars

Guardian Defence 8-10 Peveril St, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

Silat x Wing Chun 2017 - Brisbane/Australia Tour Seminars.

Inspired by the success of his Practical Wing Chun and Systema joint-seminar at Brisbane's Griffith University last year.

Workshop Hit & Kick: Das Ultimative Power Workout

Der Tempel der alten Künste - Wing Chun Kung Fu Goethering 52, Offenbach, DE

POWER & DRILLS Liebe Interessentin, lieber Interessent! Dieser Teil aus dem Wing Chun Kung Fu, ist ein hervorragendes Training, das ganzheitlich und vielseitig ausgerichtet ist.


2018 Wing Chun Summer Camp

Howmans Gap Alpine Centre 2587 Bogong High Plains Rd, Falls Creek, VIC, AU

An exciting opportunity to experience 5 days of intensive training in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu. Learn and develop new skills. Meet students and instructors from around the world.

Sifu John Smith USA Seminar 2018

LeBlanc Wing Chun 103 International Blvd, Oakland, CA, United States

Student of Wong Shun Leung, Sifu John Smith will be coaching a seminar in California on April 21 - 22, 2018. Hosted by LeBlanc Wing Chun.