Film: Documentary

WCU Presents – Beyond Wing Chun Documentary

Beyond Wing Chun is a working documentary centered around the lifestyle, discipline and history of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Currently being filmed on locations in the United States and Hong Kong. It aims to give viewers a closer look at experiences, culture and the Kung Fu lifestyles of teachers and students. It is slated to be launched in 2019.

Inspiration and Emotion

This short film is inspired by the simplicity of our purpose. No politics, no ego, just high quality and effective Wing Chun. The mission of this documentary is to make it possible for practitioners of all levels to get the most informative, candid and open-minded view of Wing Chun life. Regardless of lineage.

format & technology

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Co Directors: Craig Allen, Kenneth Hau, Noi Villarreal / Run Time: 60 Minutes / Language: Chinese & English with English subtitles / Featuring: TBA