Wing Chun a Documentary

Film: Documentary

Directed by Jon Braeley – An Empty Mind Film

Cutting through the hype and the myths to explore Wing Chun in the schools of Hong Kong and ask “Is this the most effective martial art in the world?” Listen to instructors and practical testaments from students that may just convince you, how formidable Wing Chun is for defense on the streets. For the first time, a unique and practical documentary that takes you on a guided tour of Hong Kong to experience the best Wing Chun training in it’s most authentic setting.


A must have for any Wing Chun practitioner. Great documentary, very well put together with some very knowledgeable sifu’s. I would recommend it to student or Sifu alike! – Ronald Rivero, USA

I Just watched the documentary on Wing Chun, it was fantastic, having trained in Hong Kong, I think you really captured the essence of the art and the country. – Jim Tsoutsouris

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Director: John Braeley / Run Time: 75 Minutes / Language: Chinese with English subtitles / Featuring: Ip Ching (VTAA), Donald Mak, Jason Fung, Nima Nejat, Sam Lau, Kong Chi-Keung, Lun Kai