Ultimate Wall Bag – Three Section v6 – Canvas


Everything Wing Chun – Ultimate Wall Bag 03 – Three Section v6 – Canvas

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Everything Wing Chun – Ultimate Wall Bag 03 – Three Section v5 – Canvas

This is the sixth version of our three-section ultimate wall bag! In this version we added extra stitching between compartments and added a few other small improvements. Otherwise this is the same a version five, which includes a weight distribution bar across the top (hidden in the canvas) so the top of the bag stays flat and even, a middle D-Ring for added strength and support when the bag is filled with heavy fillers, and 2 D-Rings on the bottom of the bag so those who wish to tie down the bag from both ends may do so.

Three-section bags allow you to train a full range of strikes and kicks. At a school it allows students of different heights to work out at the same station – and/or at home, it allows you to punch at different heights in order to better train your punch (Typically the head, mid-chest, and bladder areas).

Our Ultimate Wall Bags are the best selling items on our site – ever. They are, by far, the most popular wall bags in the world today. Everything Wing Chun customers have been putting these bags through hell for over 5 years and they are still very impressed!

Guarantee 1: Without doubt these are the best wall bags on the market – we guarantee it! If you disagree, simply return the bag within 60 days and we will refund you the full value of the bag, no questions asked.

Guarantee 2: If (within two years) the bag rips or breaks under normal training conditions we will replace it for free.

If you want a great looking wall bag that will last you or your school for a LONG time, then your search is over. Grab some of these today!