Wing Chun Butterfly Swords – Plastic


Wing Chun Butterfly Swords – Plastic

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Wing Chun Butterfly Swords – Plastic

Plastic swords are quite often useless for training – most are junk. So we were quite surprised when we first got these. We think these are by far the best plastic/training swords on the market. These are great beater swords – this tough plastic will hold up for sword vs sword training as well as sword vs poles. You can actually hit pretty hard with them without messing up the sword. They even hold up well against blunt metal swords.

If you need some beaters for weapon vs weapon training, we think these are your best bet. They are cheap and functional. You can even flip them into reverse grip pretty well.


Sword Length: 18 inches / 46cm
Blade Length: 12.5 inches / 31.75cm
Weight of Swords: 1.2 lbs / 540 grams (per pair)
Blade Material: High-Quality Plastic
Color: Black/Dark Grey. There is only 1 color of sword it is a black/dark grey color.