Ving Tsun Seminar 2007 in Mannheim, Germany

Some impressions of the Seminar with Sifu Tommy Yuen (Yuen Yim Keung) in Mannheim Germany.

Sifu Yuen Yim Keung
Yuen Yim Keung was one of Wong Shun Leung’s more gifted fighters, he learnt the hard and long way, so much so that he spent more than eight years learning the Baat Jaam Do (Ving Tsun’s famous Knife form). This was to lay a strong foundation in his own mind. He is a very articulate teacher, giving his utmost attention to his students, in the form of advice and correcting technique. Here is an insight into one man’s perspective of how Ving Tsun should be performed.

For more information about Wong Shun Leung’s student, Yuen Yim Keung, check out Sifu John Smith’s interview here.

2007 Mannheim Germany Ving Tsun Seminar Insights