Wing Chun Semiar

  • Open Seminar with Sifu Gary Lam 2016

    SAVE THE DATE is the motto for all those who wish to see and experience Sifu Gary Lam again personally!

    Sifu Gary Lam will not be visiting foreign countries to give seminars and workshops for the next two to three years. If you want to learn with Sifu Gary Lam in your future you have to go to the US (Los Angeles). This is YOUR last possibility for now, to attend the seminar and the classes with our Grandmaster in Frankfurt, Germany. OPEN SEMINAR with SIFU GARY LAM. Everybody is very welcome!


    Kwoon Rhein main
    Goethering 52
    63067 Offenbach am Main (Kaiserlei)

    The number of participants is limited
    (first come, first served)

    Desk: 10:30 Uhr
    Start: 11:00 Uhr
    End: 17:00 Uhr


    At the door (cash only)
    110,- EUR for one day
    200,- EUR for two days

    Pre-pay via PAYPAL (
    100,- EUR for one day
    180,- EUR for two days


    Sifu Michael Mehle: +49 (0) 163 6365191

    Registration: ANMELDUNG & KONTAKT
    Register Online

    Overnight Stay / Hotels

    Ibis Hotel (3 Min. walk away)
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    Best Western Hotel
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  • Kulo Village Wing Chun Seminar

    Introduction to Gulao Village Wing Chun.

    This style of Wing Chun can be traced directly back to Dr Leung Jan who created it, and is very rare with only a handful of schools worldwide teaching it.

    Taught over 4 hours it will examine the 12 hand sets that make up this stlye, Kulo Chi Sau, Kulo 2 man sets, and of course the fight appilcations of this style of Wing Chun.

    There will be limited places available for this event so dont delay register now the cost for the seminar is £20 Book Now—seminars.html