About Us

"All lineages, any style… simple and effective."
An Online Wing Chun Journal

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No politics, just high quality and effective Wing Chun. Regardless of lineage, we are proud to contribute to the learning and continuing education of the Wing Chun system. We are committed to providing quality content and solutions from the various Wing Chun styles and proponents across the globe.

“Be you, let others be themselves, and focus on your journey.”
Wing Chun United respects the different interpretations of Wing Chun all over the world. The influences of culture, language, body mechanics and structural theory, all play a part in how the system is understood.


What We Do

We are a not-for-profit organization. All of our proceeds go toward creating original content like written articles, interviews, film & photography, events and journalism efforts. Utilizing a collaborative platform, we work with partners and contributors to provide informative insight about our craft. Each piece we publish is created by real Wing Chun practitioners and proponents. Help us to unite the community and spread the positive energy of Chinese gung fu.

Want to contribute?

Send us your idea at info@wingchununited.com or message us in our Contact section. You can also view our Contributing Writer Submission details for more information about publishing your work.