The Ving Tsun Athletic Association’s lineage tree includes the names of Leung Jan, his sons Leung Bik and Leung Chung, followed by one of Yip Man’s teachers, Chan Wah Shun. The list ends with “others”. One of the others is Luong Vu Te and he has helped to pioneer the legacy of martial arts in Vietnam.


Who Was Luong Vu Te?

Luong Vu Te was a military counselor of Nationalist China during the Chinese-Japanese War (1937- 1945) and was so skillful the Japanese Intelligence Service wanted him captured “dead or alive”. For this reason, he escaped to Northern Vietnam in 1940 and changed his name to Nguyen Te Cong to protect his identity.

Nguyen Te Cong, alias Luong Vu Te, moved to Hanoi and opened a Vinh Xuan (Wing Chun) school on Pho-Hue road. Most of his disciples were Chinese immigrants or Vietnamese with Chinese roots such as, Master Quach Tuyen, Master Qui, Master Ho Hai Long, Master Hach Phi Hung from Siagon and Ngo Si Qui from Hanoi. In 1954 Nguyen Te Cong moved to Saigon for political reasons. During the last ten years of his life, he kept only a few disciples and they continued the teaching of Vinh Xuan.

Sucong Nguyen Te Cong died in 1963 in Saigon at the age of 93.


Moc Nhan Tram (Mok Yang Jong) techniques of Grandmaster Luong Vu Te (Nguyen Te Cong).


Resource: Quang Hoa Chinese Newspaper, Oct 4, 1973 by disciple Lu Vien Khai.
Photo: Martial Arts Legends 12/98 K7436 – Digitization, WCU.