Practical Wing Chun Australia – Online Training Group

An Online Wing Chun Training Program that is not just about watching videos, it provides you with the tools to train with other practitioners in your area.


For anyone interested in Practical Wing Chun and are unable to physically train regularly on location, this program allows it’s members to train with Practical Wing Chun Australia under Sifu Jack Leung prior to visiting or hosting a workshop.


With the volume of information available on the internet, it is paramount to share knowledge with practitioners, students and enthusiasts remotely. However, proper Wing Chun distance learning requires more than videos and certificates.

Practical Wing Chun Australia has designed an online training program that provides you with the tools to train with other practitioners in your area, as well as access to an Online Members dedicated Facebook group with weekly live videos & FAQ backup support. Another unique aspect to their program is that it is a requirement that online members visit Practical Wing Chun Australia Headquarters every 12 months for hands-on training, or host a seminar for them to come to you.

  • Exclusive Practical Wing Chun Australia Study Group Shirt
  • Syllabus and training manual to further assist in your training
  • Dedicated video library with over 90+ videos, growing contents weekly
  • Personalised feedback on your progression by certified instructors
  • Member only Facebook Live training videos & tutorials
  • Invitations to our local & International Seminars at member’s price
  • Application to host future workshops at your area
  • Information and Contact

    Want to Find Out if Practical Wing Chun Australia’s Online Training Group is a fit for you?, visit the Practical Wing Chun Australia Online Training Group website for more details and info about the program. You can also stop by their Facebook page with any questions.