Springtime – by Filmmaker, Peixuan Wang

Springtime is a celebration of a lifelong martial artist gracefully moving to a new chapter of his career despite the physical challenges due to aging.

This film aims to investigate the meaning of life through the lens of a passionate martial artist and instructor, who dedicated over 48 years of his life practicing and teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu. Peixuan Wang tells a visual story about Sifu Michael Militano, and his lifelong dedication to the Chinese martial arts and culture.

What’s Next For Springtime?

Unfortunately, the campaign for crowd funding this project has ended. While we were late to the party, if we were aware of the possibility to contribute to the release of this full-length feature, Wing Chun United would have whole-heartedly supported Wang’s endeavor. As filmmakers ourselves, we deeply value the impact that visual story telling has on the ability to successfully share the rich Chinese culture and traditions of gong fu.

Visit the Springtime campaign landing page to learn more about this film and the creatives behind its vision: https://seedandspark.com/fund/springtime/#story Likewise, you can also find more about Sifu Militano and his 48 + years of Wing Chun experience and contribution by visiting his website: https://www.militanowingchun.com/