Sifu David Peterson: MUK YAN JONG


MUK YAN JONG By Sifu David Peterson



MUK YAN JONG By Sifu David Peterson

On this new DVD by Sifu David Peterson, the third in the seminar series, the viewer is taken through the famous Wing Chun Muk Yan Jong ( “Wooden Dummy “) form as taught to Peterson by his instructor, the late Sifu Wong Shun Leung.

Each section of the form is presented in minute detail, describing the correct way to perform each action, and how these techniques and concepts can be applied in actual combat. Peterson also provides fascinating insights into the history and evolution of this aspect of Wing Chun Kuen.

Running in excess of THREE hours, the seminar presentation provides an in-depth summary of this unique training apparatus from which any practitioner of Wing Chun can gain through repeated viewing.

Topics Covered:
  • A complete breakdown (section by section) of the ‘Muk Yan Jong’ form, as taught by the late Sifu Wong Shun Leung, by Sifu David Peterson.
  • An interview with Sifu David Peterson on the history and purpose of the ‘Jong’
  • A full run-thru of the ‘Muk Yan Jong’ form (shot from multiple angles)
  • Written information on each section of the form, plus an overview of the entire form

* 16:9 Wide-Screen High -Definition TRUE DVD ( NOT DVD-R or +R )

* Language : English

* Run Time :  Approximately 208 Minutes.
* NTSC system. REGION : 0 (FREE)

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