Sifu Sergio – Wing Chun (Part 1) – The Martial Man

Sifu Sergio gives and exclusive insight into the IWKA Wing Tjun system, which has programs and forms from several lineages in its curriculum.

This system is based upon the concepts and theory dating back to around the 1800’s, with training methods from Wing Chun’s ancestor arts Fujian white crane and Emei. This 2 part interview helps viewers understand more clearly what happend in history and the uniqueness of the fusion.

The show follows Kieren Krygier traveling the far east exploring different martial arts and learning the secret skills and knowledge of the Grandmasters.
Each episode will investigate different aspects of each martial art by interviewing the masters and allowing them to demonstrate their style and skills on film. Giving the viewers a great insight into the martial arts world, and a front row seat to learn directly from the masters.


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