Butterfly Sword 12″ Custom (Sharp)


Chopper Style Butterfly Swords Satin Finish


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Butterfly Sword 12″ Custom (Sharp)

1 Pair of Sharp 12″ Custom Butterfly Sword
D2 – Hollow Grind
Sword Type: Individual Swords (full handles, not half-handles).
Sword Construction: Conventional (separate blade, D Guard and handle)
Blade Style: Stabber Blade Length:

Measurements: (Approximate)

Approx 12″ inches (30.5 cm) from tip to D Guard
Total Length: TBD
Weight: TBD
Blade Material: High Quality German D2 Tool Steel
Hardness: Approximately HRC 58 (weapons grade)
D Guard Material: Drop Forged AISI 304
Stainless Blade Edge: Very Wide Hollow Grind.
Blade Sharpness: Sharp
Blade Thickness: 4 mm (approx, they taper)
Blade Finish: Matte
Ricasso: Yes
Fuller: Yes, fullers (a.k.a. Blood Grooves) are on each side of blade
Quillion Design: Hybrid (favors trapping/hand protection over flipping but can do both)
Knuckle Bow Design: Rounded
Handle Type: Full Handles
Handle Material: Stabilized Pakkawood in black
Grip Style: Full handles with an ergonomic belly to fit the hollow of the palm
Sheath: Nylon 2-in-1 sheath
Total weight is light for a weapons-grade Butterfly Sword
Excellent balance plus light weight = fast knives.

Comes with Nylon sheath

*We do not make any swords for weapon vs. weapon training or cutting exercises. These are especially unsuitable due to the hollow grind.*
SPECIAL WARNINGS FOR BUTTERFLY SWORDS: This product is a real weapon (even if the edge has not been sharpened) and therefore inherently dangerous at all times. The user voluntarily assumes the risk of all injury and damage resulting from any use (or misuse) of this product, whether used as intended or otherwise. The tip is pointed and can stab or scrape quite easily so be very careful, both when practicing and when cleaning the knife. It is very dangerous to twirl these swords allowing the tip to pass inside your arm near the bicep due to the point (and if sharpened the edge). Do not drop on tip or smash the tip into hard objects, even if the swords are in the nylon sheath, as it will bend or break. Unless specifically noted otherwise, the edge will not be sharp but the spine and edge may have 90 degree corners that can cause a scrape, especially if nicked through use. Arm sensitivity to spine scrapes tends to go away with practice flipping (but no guarantees). We do not round the corners of the spine (as we did on the flipping only integral knives) because that reduces the knife’s trapping capability. Your state or national knife laws may prohibit purchase, importation or transport of these swords (for example, prohibiting sharp blades over a certain length)! Check your state/country knife laws! Your local constabulary may regard an unsharpened edge that looks sharp as sharp so be sure to be familiar with your import, transport and ownership laws. Buyer assumes all risk of confiscation by customs or local authorities. These knives come with a 2-in-1 sheath designed so that practitioners can draw both swords simultaneously (if your hand can safely hold both swords). That means that, as with traditional BJD single sheaths, both handles touch each other and can scrape off or mar finish. We recommend you be careful sheathing the swords and withdrawing them to minimize this problem (and also try to avoid sticking the pointy tip through sheath material). If your intention is to transport the knives in the sheath for longer than a gym walk to the tournament ring, you should seriously consider placing some bubble wrap or other shock absorbent barrier between the two handles. Unlike a traditional 2-in-1 sheath, our sheath has an additional layer of material that separates the two blades to help minimize in-sheath blade on blade scratching.
Advice on Care: These are high-end swords made with weapons grade stainless or “semi-stainless” steel that will rust absent proper care. We recommend cleaning them with rubbing alcohol after each use or touch, waxing with Renaissance Wax (or a similar non-acidic wax) as needed, and periodically stripping, cleaning and re-waxing them. Keep dry and do not store in damp or humid area, or in direct sunlight


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