Chuck O’Neill – Wing Chun: Biu Ji Form DVD


Chuck O’Neill – Wing Chun: Biu Ji Form DVD

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Chuck O’Neill – Wing Chun: Biu Ji Form DVD

* Want to Learn Wing Chun but Don’t Know Where to Start?
* Don’t Have a Good Wing Chun Teacher to Learn From?
* Want To Sharpen Your Technique For Greater Mastery?
* Want to Super-Charge your Wing Chun Training?

In this Wing Chun training video from Sifu Chuck O’Neill you will be learning the third form in the Wing Chun System – Biu Ji (Thrusting Fingers).

Originally filmed exclusively for his personal students to aid them in their training, this video is now available to you!

Sifu Chuck takes you step-by-step through the form, providing plenty of details, 2 different viewing angles to give you a better perspective. Using 2 different colored arm bands so you can easily follow along and learn with him.

This is a great video for those that want to learn the Biu Ji form and advance their understanding of the Wing Chun system.

If you’ve ever struggled to learn Wing Chun in the past, it could not be simpler or easier with this Wing Chun training series from Sifu Chuck O’ Neill

The video is over 80 minutes of instructional training.


Training Tips
Section 1 Front
Section 1 Side
Heun Ma
Flicking Fingers
Kwai Jian
Kwai to Biu
Mun Sau
Mun to Chum
Section 2 Front
Section 2 Side
Goang to Chum
Chum, Heun, Toi
Section 3 Front
Section 3 Side
Triple Biu to Geng
Gyeung Jee Keun
Saam Bai Faat
Complete Form – Slow
Complete Form
Credit and Thanks