Protheroe – Wing Chun Theory and Composition

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Ian Protheroe – Wing Chun Theory and Composition

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Wing Chun Theory and Composition by Sifu Ian Protheroe

This is an excellent reference textbook on the Wing Chun system.

It offers a thorough analysis of fundamental theories rather than being just another “technique book”.

In the 384 pages of information, theories are laid out concisely, using combinations of diagrams, photos and editorial. Presentation of the book is of the highest quality, sporting a hard cover and printed on gloss paper.

The book begins with the history of the Wing Chun system and the evolution of Protheroe’s research. The next 100 pages are devoted to the ABCs of Wing Chun, covering all of the principle theories, stances, footwork and arm positions. The three open hand forms are presented using detailed line drawings showing the movements, supplemented with descriptions and diagrams that highlight subtle details.

The book continues on to Chi Sao and Chi Gerk which, apart from the author’s informative approach, provides some very valuable drills for the serious practitioner.

Traditional training methods, such as the use of the rattan ring, are explained and will provide insights to those not currently using traditional training apparatus. The treatment given to the Muk Yan Jong (wooden dummy) is unprecedented in the detail provided.

The author presents an analysis of the Yin/Yang values of the Muk Yan Jong sets, explains the importance of the angles and layout of the Jong, as well as supplementing all descriptions with line drawings.

Sifu Protheroe’s textbook on Wing Chun is a summary of over 15 years of research, and should be considered a must for all serious Wing Chun practitioners.


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