Nightmare Grind Wing Chun Butterfly Swords

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Nightmare Grind Wing Chun Butterfly Swords (Collector’s Series)

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Nightmare Grind Wing Chun Butterfly Swords (Collector’s Series)

These swords are a very limited collector’s edition Butterfly Sword featuring multiple grinds on the cutting edge that can make it a nightmare to grind. The two grinds here are a side-by-side set of hollow/concave cutting edge grinds that are very difficult to do well. The blade steel is highly polished Böhler 440C weapons-grade stainless steel (the same kind of steel sold by knife supply houses to U.S. custom knife makers). These high-quality collectors swords are real weapons and very dangerous.

Specific Specs For This Sword:

(Wing Chun Butterfly Swords are also known as: Wing Chun Butterfly Knives, Bart Jarm Do, Bot Jaam Dao, Hudiedao, Eight-Slash Swords, 8-Cut Swords, etc)

Series: Collectors. The collector’s series are unique designs and/or very fine quality weapons.

Sword Type: Individual Full Handles.
Sword Construction: Conventional
Blade Style: Unique/Custom
Blade Length: Approx 11 5/8″ inches (29.5 cm) from tip to D Guard
Total Length: Approx 16.5″ (42 cm)
Weight: Average is 1 lb 10 oz per sword (737g). There is some variance.
Blade Material: Böhler 440C Weapons-Grade Stainless Steel
D Guard Material: Cast AISI 304 stainless steel.
Blade Grind: Nightmare Grind with Swage.
Blade Sharpness: Edge sharp. Sharps are for display only, too dangerous for training. Swage is unsharpened.
Blade Thickness: 5 mm
Blade Finish: High Gloss
Tang: Full tang
Ricasso: Yes
Choil: Yes
Quillion Design: Hybrid Flipping/Trapping
Knuckle Bow Design: Rounded, minimal extra interior space
Handle Type: Individual Full Handles.
Handle Pins: 8 small tactical pins with 2 larger mosaic pins.
Handle Material: Cocobolo
Grip Style: Full handles with an ergonomic belly to fit the hollow of the palm.
Balance Point: Conventional to permit flipping
Designed by: Modell Design LLC
Sheath: You will get a fancy two-tone leather sheath for each knife, one with a left hand belt loop, the other right. Instead of snaps the retainer strip affixes to a prong. These are made of thick leather. Do not store swords in leather sheaths long term because the chemicals in leather can corrode/tarnish metal.

Shipping: These swords are drop shipped by Modell Design, they are not shipped by Everything Wing Chun. International shipments will use USPS Express Mail, or GXG, which is FedEx and the Post Office together (It is faster and safer). Domestic shipments use USPS Priority.