Sifu Greg LeBlanc: Wing Chun Mechanics Vol.1


Sifu Greg LeBlanc – Wing Chun Mechanics Vol.1


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Wing Chun Mechanics Vol.1 By Sifu Greg LeBlanc

This DVD series provides succinct descriptions of the core principles and concepts of Wing Chun Kung Fu; Wing Chun properly defined is not technique driven, but rather is a training methodology for refining bio-mechanically sound structure and reflexes for delivering debilitating attacks to the opponents most vulnerable targets. Wing Chun is essentially the development and training of Skills, Concepts and Structure.

Sifu LeBlanc began training Wing Chun in 1997; he has been involved in martial arts training for 37 years.

Topics Covered:

  • A Wing Chun action
  • Five attributes of Wing Chun
  • Facing
  • Defense is attack
  • Making wrong
  • Chaining attack
  • Hands on top
  • Making a bridge
  • Don’t take the hand back
  • Chasing center
  • Changing
  • Structure
  • Power in Wing Chun
  • Footwork
  • On the way (Jeet)
  • Setting up the target
  • Courage – power – skill
  • Simple – direct – efficient
  • Loi Lau Hoi Sung, Lat Sau Jik Chung
  • Chi Sau + Demo

* 16:9 Wide-Screen High -Definition TRUE DVD ( NOT DVD-R or +R )

* Language : English

* Run Time :  Approximately 52 Minutes.
* NTSC system. REGION : 0 (FREE)

* This disc is compatible and will play on > 95 % of DVD players in USA. However, some DVD player manufacturers may have different coding system and therefore we cannot guarantee compatibility with ALL DVD players. 

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