• Reading Kwoon Berkshire, UK December Seminar 2015

    Wing Chun Wooden dummy fighting techniques.

    Annual Christmas members’ seminar/meeting & Christmas party afterwards. First part of the seminar based on: In depth details of the advance Wooden Dummy combat techniques.

    Second part of the seminar based on: Wooden dummy /Gong SAO-Chi-sao (sticky hands) advance drills / techniques & Counter/Attack Kicks.The seminar is open to novice & advance practitioners. Non members are welcome. Discount for members & Discount if you book a Month in advance. “Free month training for new students who attend the seminar”. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to training under the guides of Loukas Kastrounis, founder of the EWCA – Wong Shun Leung Direct Lineage. For more information or to reserve a place, please contact the authorized main represent of Loukas Kastrounis Sifu Dan Creswell at:

    Please pre-book in advance for the Christmas party /dinner table.

  • The 5th UK Wing Chun Gathering

    A two day seminar with:

    Sifu Duane Harper, Sifu Garry McKenzie, Sifu Clive Potter, Sifu Paul Smith, Sifu Chris Thompson, Sifu Alan Gibson, Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe and Sifu John Lobb. Supporting Wing Chun Against Bullying UK and Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Tickets available at

  • Sifu Gary Lam Wing Chun Seminar 2015 – England

    Warrington Martial Arts Studio, and Gary Lam Wing Chun Warrington,

    proudly present an audience with Sifu Gary Lam, 29th and 30th August 2015. This seminar & workshop is open to all Martial Artists and Wing Chun practitioners, regardless of background and lineage.Sifu Gary will be presenting his unique brand of Wing Chun Kung Fu over a full two days. Details regarding accommodation and travel can be found at


    We are located 5 mins. walk from both Warrington Central and Warrington Bank Quay Train Stations. If traveling from London, The Glasgow Express from Euston lands you 5 mins walk from the gym in under two hours. Free Parking outside venue.


    Below is footage from last years event, personally, this is the most fun and exciting date in my calendar, and I think it can be said that everybody last year had an outstanding weekend…. the gym was rammed with dedicated guys, working out with common goals, and having a really great time, check it out… look forward to seeing you all soon….


    You can book your seat now via paypal here:

  • Francis Fong – Wing Chun Affiliate Camp

    2-3 days event with Sifu Fong, offered at the FFMAA training center in Atlanta, Georgia:

    – ADP – Affiliate Development Program
    – Instructor Level Instruction

    Sifu Fong is taking the Association to the next level by creating standardized curriculum and an effective business model for our members. We offer the most complete instructor development program in the industry from the ground up, whether you are a startup group or an established academy.

    If you would like more information about becoming a part of our team or beginning your journey to become a certified instructor under Sifu Francis Fong, please fill out the form here.

  • Practical Wing Chun – Paris 2015 Seminar

    Practical Wing Chun Seminar

    In France June 28th, with Sifu Martin Brogaard. View additional details at the at the official website.