Gary Lam

  • Chi Sau Attack and Defend Drill Training

    Chi Sau is often misunderstood to mean trapping or staying in contact (sticking) with the opponents arms, read more

  • Grandmaster Gary Lam Seminar – Germany

    Open Seminar at the Wing Jun Center, hosted by Sifu Viktor Scheiele.

    We will start off 2016 with a weekend seminar hosted by a first time host, Sifu Viktor Scheiele!

    As Sifu has gone through several countries consistently for the last several years, he has decided that 2016 will be the last time in awhile that he will be travelling out of the country for seminars!

    What this means is that if you miss out on all of this year’s seminars, you won’t be able to catch Sifu Lam in quite a while!


    Email for more info an to RSVP!

  • Longevity Wing Chun Nottingham

    Featuring Sifu Dean Pugh and senior students, Bohdan Dawyd and Tom Wright enjoying some back yard training.

  • Sifu Gary Lam Wing Chun Seminar 2015 – England

    Warrington Martial Arts Studio, and Gary Lam Wing Chun Warrington,

    proudly present an audience with Sifu Gary Lam, 29th and 30th August 2015. This seminar & workshop is open to all Martial Artists and Wing Chun practitioners, regardless of background and lineage.Sifu Gary will be presenting his unique brand of Wing Chun Kung Fu over a full two days. Details regarding accommodation and travel can be found at


    We are located 5 mins. walk from both Warrington Central and Warrington Bank Quay Train Stations. If traveling from London, The Glasgow Express from Euston lands you 5 mins walk from the gym in under two hours. Free Parking outside venue.


    Below is footage from last years event, personally, this is the most fun and exciting date in my calendar, and I think it can be said that everybody last year had an outstanding weekend…. the gym was rammed with dedicated guys, working out with common goals, and having a really great time, check it out… look forward to seeing you all soon….


    You can book your seat now via paypal here:

  • Chi-Sao/Gwoh-Sao Seminar and Workshop – Gary Lam


    (Preferably with at least 6 months of experience training in Wing Chun)

    Time: Noon to 5PM

    Come join us on Saturday the 8th of August as Sifu Lam conducts a mini-seminar/workshop on how to improve your understanding and skillset on both Chi Sao and Gwoh Sao!

    Sifu Lam and some of his senior students will be helping attendees find what is lacking in their skill set and help them improve their Wing Chun!


    What is “Chi Sao” and “Gwoh Sao”?

    -As Sifu Greg LeBlanc has stated:

    “Qi sao is the bridge in Wing Chun training from learning concepts and techniques, to putting them into practice and then ultimately being able to fight with them. It provides a platform from which the practitioner can safely develop his/her abilities and test the abilities of others.”

    For our system and school, gwoh sao is when we do a free form chi sao exchange, allowing us to practice and utilize the hand techniques and different concepts we have learned throughout our drills under a more “realistic” yet still controlled environment.


    Why should you attend?

    – Everyone who practices Wing Chun technically knows how to chi sao and gwoh sao, but that is just as the same as people driving on a daily basis. You may understand the idea of driving and how to function a car to go and stop, but do you really know how to effectively use your car to the fullest?

    Being able to truly understand how to properly react with control and anticipate in a constantly changing situation is what will push your skills to the next level. If you feel like you often rely on knee-jerk reactions when you are pressured by your opponent, this seminar/workshop will allow you to find more depths behind your understanding and techniques!

  • Naptown Wing Chun

    Martial arts club dedicated to Wing Chun Kung Fu as taught by Sifu Gary Lam of Los Angeles.