Ian Protheroe – Eternal Springtime Boxing

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Ian Protheroe – Eternal Springtime Boxing

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Ian Protheroe – Eternal Springtime Boxing

“Eternal Springtime Boxing” is Sifu Ian Protheroe’s latest book and as usual is presented in quality, hardcover format.

It’s 420 pages cover both internal and external aspects of Wing Chun, a large section is devoted to leg techniques and kicking, while the wooden dummy, rattan ring and weapons defense all receive a great deal of attention. Knife and stick defenses are paramount in this book and offer an informed view in practical self defense against an armed opponent.

The chi sao section includes switches combining pre-determined, standard Wing Chun drills to provide a continuous flow from drill to drill, in both photographic and diagrammatic format.

It also covers history, philosophy, basics and numerous other insights into the Art of Wing Chun. It is non style biased and covers both mainland China and Hong Kong schools of thought towards Wing Chun.

This book is HAND MADE by Sifu Protheroe.

After the the printing is done, each book is separated, hand sewn and the spine glued by hand.

First, Sifu Protheroe buys a bolt of cloth for the covers, then he cuts the cases to size, glues on the cloth to make the basic cover.

Next the wording must be typed, and the base metal template for the imprints made in reverse. They are then set individually in to a press, the covers are then laid down one at a time.

Gold leaf sheet is then laid over the cover and the press comes down to imprint the text and/or picture onto the cover… that’s just for one cover. It all takes about 30 minutes per book once the jig is finalized.

Then the process is started again.

As a collector and a lover of books Sifu Protheroe is happy to continue to hand make every book – it is very time consuming but the quality is there forever. He actually only makes AUS$10 on Eternal Springtime Boxing at present, which is hardly worth the effort.

Prices for raw materials keep going up and so he cannot hold the handmade prices for much longer. Grab these hand-made collector’s items while you can!


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