PVT WSL VingTsun: Core Concepts


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PVT WSL Ving Tsun: Core Concepts by Sifu Jerry Yeung & Mark Wong

回歸本源,方能進步。但什麼是詠春拳的本源? 攤膀伏手?全皆不及一個直拳重要。 由小念頭的潛在意識開始,直到實際街頭博擊,由一代詠春拳大師黃淳樑第一代直傳弟子: 楊永勣/王威健所成立的「純。詠春」香港拳館,要為詠春拳重新訂位,尋找答案。

To advance is to go back to the principle, but what is the principle of Ving Tsun Kuen? Tan Sau, Bong Sau , Fook Sau? All of them can’t compare to the importance of the straight punch. From the subconscious mind of Sil Nim Tao to actual street combat. From Ving Tsun Legend, Wong Shun Leung to his first generation student: Jerry Yeung and Mark Wong’s set up of PVT GROUP’s Hong Kong establishment, it is necessary to re-establish the focal point of Ving Tsun Kuen in order to find the answer!

Topics Covered:
  • Proper Ving Tsun Straight Punch
  • Footwork
  • Correct Angle
  • Street Application etc

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