Sifu Gary Lam: Secrets Hands Of Wing Chun “PO PAI”

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Secrets Hands Of Wing Chun “PO PAI” – Sifu Gary Lam

* Please note this footage was taken MORE than a DECADE ago ( 2001 ) at Sifu Lam’s backyard with a simple hand held camcorder. Most customers buy this DVD for the ‘content ‘, NOT the video quality !.  What you will NOT get in this DVD is crystal clear High-Definition type of video / audio quality, However you’ll get to see Sifu Lam teaching his first generation TOP students “live” !  Please preview above clips to see the type of video / audio quality and the content before proceeding*

In a rare, OLD SCHOOL  backyard CHI-SAO demonstration footage. World renown Sifu Gary Lam unveils the SECRET HANDS OF WING CHUN ” PO PAI ” for the very first time. Everything is unedited, uncut and uncensored. A must see for all Wing Chun enthusiasts !

Approx. : 30 minutes

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Produced in U.S.A