Hong Kong wing chun

  • Wing Chun Seminar: Sifu Philipp Bayer and Sifu Cliff Au Yeung

    For the first time in almost 20 years

    Two of Grandmaster Wong Shun Leung’s senior students will be reunited in Toronto, Canada, to take the stage and share with you their expericence in what is known as the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Method.

    Join us as we Re-unite Sifu Philipp Bayer (Germany) with Sifu Cliff Au Yeung (Hong Kong), and welcome him to CANADA for his very first visit!

    This will be an intense two days of training GUARANTEED to elevate your Ving Tsun skills to another LEVEL!

    Lets get ready to do it! The WONG way!!

  • The Strangeness of Wing Chun – Kenneth Chung

    Kenneth Chung talks about the strange way Wing Chun trains the knees and elbows to develop unit strength.
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  • Ving Tsun Training Camp – Jet Wan

    詠春尹鵬飛拳術會: 詠春訓練營

    We’re seeing more great work from Sifu Jet Wan. If you’re in Hong Kong to train, look them up.

    Wing Chun Yin Pengfei Boxing Club – Lin Pai Road, Kwai Fong 144-15015 F T Jinfeng industrial Building room. Call them at 6133-3363 for more details and to set-up a visit.